BB Reloaded Announcement

Dear valued Bullet Button customers,

Today marks ten years of Bullet Button sales and lots of guns in the hands of California shooters that would not have been here if we had not worked together to supply our customers with compliant guns.

In light of the bills signed into law by CA Governor Jerry Brown today, we are finally releasing the BB Reloaded.

We have had the BB Reloaded in the wings for many years, and it has a full utility patent (United States Patent and Trademark Office - Patent # 9,182,186). This new BB Reloaded system will allow you to only drop the magazine on a rifle when the action has been disassembled. Complying with both bills signed today by Gov JB.

Below is a video. Please view it to get a better understanding of how the BB Reloaded functions, as well as to give you peace of mind that you will still be able to enjoy your semi-auto rifles here in CA going forward.  

The new product line will be ramped up to cover as many rifle platforms as possible to ensure that you can still get your desired firearms here in CA for the foreseeable future.

Thank you so much for your continued support and business of Bullet Button. Together, we will weather this storm and come out shining.

Darin l. Prince

BB Reloaded Video: